Admissions Information

Parents desiring to enroll their student in Liberty Christian School (grades K-5) or Liberty Christian Child Development Center (LCCDC) (ages 2-5) should call the office and schedule an interview with an administrator. During the interview, parents will be informed about the programs and expectations of the school. Parents will be given an opportunity to express their needs and desires. The parents and students will be asked to familiarize themselves with the Parent-Student Handbook.

Download the Parent-Student Handbooks here: LCCDC Handbook   Elementary Handbook

The following information is required in order to process your child’s enrollment:

To view these documents, you can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader for free here.

Liberty Christian School, a private institution, reserves the privilege of setting and maintaining its own standards of student conduct, dress, tuition, fees for services, and scholarships. The school reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone who violates the school’s standards set forth the Parent/Student Handbook or as defined by the school board and administration. The school also reserves the right to change any policy as deemed necessary.