Liberty Christian Child Development Center

Playing together is fun!

Playing together is fun!

Children playing soccer

The preschool loves soccer season!


Our child development program strives to meet the changing needs of each child enrolled.  It is designed to develop readiness for learning skills that will be needed later at the elementary level.  A variety of units and strategies keeps the classes varied and interesting. The Bible lesson is one of the favorite times of the day.  It gives the students a chance to hear an exciting Bible story, work on age-appropriate Bible verses and sing some favorite songs.

Liberty Christian Child Development Center serves children from 2 to 5 years of age.  We have been nurturing the children of our community since 1992.  We offer:

  • School-wide safety measures are in place for the security of all students and staff
  • CPR/first aid certified staff
  • small student-teacher ratio
  • reasonable pricing
  • weekly chapel service
  • weekly activity report
  • computer technology lab
  • music, art and physical education programs provided by state certified teachers
  • fenced outdoor playground
  • gymnasium (this ensures your child receives opportunities for movement even on a rainy day)
  • art and music classrooms
  • fall sports soccer program
  • on-site dance program (available for an additional cost)
Welcome to our Child Development Center

Welcome to our Child Development Center

Click on the following PDF file to view the Handbook for the CDC: CDC Handbook

Click on the following PDF file for a list of supplies needed for pre-school students entering the CDC: LCSCDC supply list

The Child Development Center is CLOSED on the following days for the 2015-2016 Academic Year:


September 3-4, 2015: Teacher Training

September 7, 2015: Labor Day

November 3, 2015: Parent-Teacher Conferences

November 26-27, 2015: Thanksgiving

December 23-25, 2015: Christmas

January 1, 2016: New Year’s Day

January 18, 2016: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

February 15, 2016: President’s Day

March 28, 2016: Easter Monday

May 30, 2016: Memorial Day

July 4, 2016: Fourth of July



Click on the following link to open a PDF file of the Child Development Center Calendar: 2014-2015 CDC Calendar    LCSCDC Calendar 2015/2016

Below you will find some specifics for each part of our developmental curriculum:

Language Arts

Our Language Arts program is designed to promote oral language development, phonetic awareness and letter identification in your child by providing a number of activities. The curriculum is formulated to:

  • foster a love of reading through exposure to high quality children’s literature
  • introduce children to left to right progression and concept of word
  • develop oral language skills through self-expression and questioning
  • letter recognition of upper and lower case letters
  • letter sound relationships
  • develop oral language skills through vocabulary
  • pre-writing activities and fine motor strengthening
The Pre-K class is ready for the beginning of the school year.

The Pre-K class is ready for the beginning of the school year.


Our Bible curriculum was developed with preschoolers in mind. It presents familiar Bible stories, especially those focused on the children of the Bible. Your child will enjoy stories of the Old and New Testaments as they learn to apply Bible truths in their daily lives such as:

  • being obedient
  • being honest
  • sharing with others
  • getting along with others
  • taking turns
  • being unselfish
  • self respect
The Dramatic Play Room plus kids equals fun and learning!  Let your imagination run wild!

The Dramatic Play Room plus kids equals fun and learning! Let your imagination run wild!


Our math program emphasizes the development of basic concepts and skills through the use of manipulatives and activities that inspire thinking, curiosity and problem solving. These include:

  • recognizing patterns
  • sorting and classifying
  • graphing
  • counting
  • measuring
  • recognizing numbers
  • shapes


The science program promotes thinking through “hands on” exploring and learning. Objects explored include:

  • plants
  • seasons
  • animals
  • animal habitats
  • weather
  • magnets
  • senses
  • insects
  • dinosaurs

Social Studies

Preschool is the first community your child will experience outside of your family. Our social studies curriculum enables your child to develop personal independence and understanding on how we interact with our environment. The program is designed to teach socialization skills that will prepare each child for larger academic settings. The concepts explored include:

  • developing an awareness that each of us is unique, yet we share many things that are alike
  • developing an awareness of our family and friends
  • introducing basic historical facts through studies of the holidays and special current events
  • recalling and recreating experiences through dramatic play
  • fostering leadership skills
  • developing a sense of personal responsibility

Special Activities

Each preschool class will participate in art, music, and chapel classes weekly. A visit to the library is also made on a weekly basis. In most cases, these classes will be taught by the certified specialist. Field trips are taken at various times during the course of the year in order to help “bring to life” subjects that have been discussed in the classroom. Of course, recess and snack time are a daily part of the program!


The preschool playground is resting after a fun day of play!

Testing and Evaluation

At the recommendation of the teacher or the request of the parent(s), children entering the K5 program are given a developmental and school readiness evaluation. This helps the teacher to know where each student will be developmentally when entering her classroom. She can then create appropriate learning experiences to meet the needs of her class. The Child Development and Learning Summary is scheduled four times during the school year. This assessment documents your child’s progress with respect to our goals.

Your child’s early school experience will be one that will affect his life for years to come. If a child is properly challenged and given the opportunities to become self confident and self-assured, chances are he will be on the way to a happy school career. Our prayer is that the Lord will give you wisdom as you make this very important decision for your child and your family.